Marc Miller, Canada‘s Minister for Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship, recently committed to several initiatives at the 2023 Global Refugee Forum to enhance refugee support and share responsibilities with host countries.

Resettlement of Vulnerable Refugees

Canada plans to welcome 51,615 refugees in dire need of protection over the next three years, focusing on religious and ethnic minorities, women, girls, survivors of torture, LGBTQI+ individuals, Rohingya refugees, and human rights defenders.

Doubling Spaces for Human Rights Defenders

In June 2023, Canada increased its refugee spaces for human rights defenders, aiming to resettle 500 individuals and their families annually.

LGBTQI+ Refugee Support

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced a partnership with Rainbow Railroad in July 2023, enhancing Canada’s efforts to welcome LGBTQI+ refugees. This complements existing programs like the Rainbow Refugee Assistance Partnership and the UNHCR referrals.

Multi-Year Resettlement Commitments

Canada is set to resettle 18,000 refugees from Africa and the Middle East in 2022-2023, with ongoing commitments in the Americas.

Promoting Community Sponsorship Programs

Since 1979, Canada has resettled over 390,000 refugees through private sponsorship, inspiring 15 countries to start similar programs. A global fund is being established to support these initiatives.

Refugee Labour Mobility Pathways

Canada is expanding its Economic Mobility Pathways Pilot, aiming to make it a permanent program by 2025, and sharing best practices globally as chair of the Global Task Force on Refugee Labour Mobility.

Supporting Afghan Refugees

Canada has pledged CAN$21 million to assist Afghan refugees in Central Asia and Pakistan, focusing on protection, health, and integration.

Addressing Climate Change and Mobility

Canada is funding research and initiatives to understand and address the impact of climate change on human mobility, including a project in Mexico.

Strengthening Asylum Systems in the Americas

With a $75 million investment over six years, Canada is enhancing asylum capacities in Latin America and the Caribbean and collaborating on the Los Angeles Declaration on Migration and Protection to improve asylum processes.

Education Pathways for Refugees

Canada is exploring educational pathways for refugees and displaced students and continues to invest in global refugee education, including partnering with the World University Service of Canada for the Student Refugee Program.

Canada’s efforts reflect a comprehensive approach to refugee support, emphasizing resettlement, community involvement, labor mobility, and education, demonstrating its commitment to humanitarian leadership.

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