Canada’s thriving entertainment industry welcomes professionals through the TV and Film Production Work Permit Category, facilitating the entry of essential personnel for television and film productions.

Guidelines for Obtaining Work Permits in Canada’s TV and Film Production Industry

Recognizing the significance of timely entry for TV and film personnel, the Canadian government emphasizes its crucial role in attracting investments and generating employment within the country.

Work permits obtained through the TV and Film Production Work Permit Category are exempt from the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) requirement. However, foreign nationals must adhere to all regulations governing temporary work in Canada, including obtaining a Temporary Resident Visa if applicable.

Both foreign and Canadian production companies engaged in filming within Canada can leverage this work permit category by demonstrating the essential nature of the work performed by the foreign national in the production.

Applicants for this work permit must provide documentation supporting their eligibility, including:

  1. A letter of support from the production, containing specifications such as:
    • Name and contact information for the production
    • Working title of the production, location(s), and proposed production dates
    • Name of the work permit applicant
    • Confirmation of the individual and position’s essential role in the specific TV or film production
    • Details of the significant economic benefit to Canada, including estimated job creation, budgetary spend, and tax credit or funding details.
  2. If the position is unionized, a letter from the relevant union or guild, including:
    • Description of the union or guild
    • Working title and locations of the TV or film production
    • Name of the work permit applicant
    • A statement confirming that the union or guild views the work as subject to a collective agreement and has no objection to the foreign national in the specified position
    • Signature of a senior representative and date.

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