Several media outlets show interest in Court Case of Reza Jahantigh by Lawyer of Dr. Samin Mortazavi

Court Case of Reza Jahantigh by Lawyer Samin Mortazavi received media react. A recent decision by Canada’s Immigration Department to deny an Iranian man, Reza Jahantigh, a study permit for a PhD program in Montreal has sparked a legal challenge. Jahantigh, aiming to study computer engineering with a focus on blockchain technology at Ecole de technologie superieure, had already commenced his studies online from Iran in 2020. However, his physical presence in Montreal is mandatory for completing his doctorate.

Samin Mortazavi, Jahantigh’s lawyer, argues that there is no evidence suggesting Jahantigh’s activities are a security threat to Canada. Despite this, an immigration officer in Ankara cited Jahantigh’s past military service in Iran and his employment at a private video game development company as potential risks. This assertion was made despite Jahantigh’s need to fulfill compulsory military service in Iran and the non-governmental nature of his subsequent employment.

The refusal, delivered a day before a Federal Court hearing on Jahantigh’s prolonged permit application, devastated him, leading to a moment of emotional breakdown. The Immigration Department’s rationale hinges on the potential indirect security threat Jahantigh’s past and possible future research might pose, not necessarily involving direct acts of violence. Jahantigh’s case represents a tightening of restrictions on academics by Ottawa over national security concerns.

Here are some key media outlets that have reported on this case:

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