Erfan joined Pax Law Corporation in the Spring of 2024. Erfan’s academic journey began in the fields of electrical engineering and psychology. He achieved both a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Psychology. However, his academic exploration didn’t stop there; he also embarked on a Master’s course in Global Leadership at FDU Canada.

Erfan’s responsibilities at Pax Law include working on portals, filling out forms, and crafting narratives, tasks that highlight a compassionate approach to aiding refugees. Additionally, he lends his expertise to the student visa department, assisting with document review and form preparation.

Beyond his professional life, Erfan enjoys culinary adventures in the kitchen, reading, swimming and engaging in sociable gatherings. He embraces a well-rounded lifestyle. His fondness for interacting with people and engaging in conversations not only complements his role at Pax Law Corporation but also enriches his personal life, making him a valued and multi-dimensional member of the team.

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