Canada persistently advocates for the cessation of violence in Sudan and remains profoundly troubled about the safety of its people. We are committed to assisting those seeking refuge in Canada, including Sudanese nationals already in the country who may prefer not to return home at this time.

The Honourable Sean Fraser, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, disclosed further information on special measures to temporarily support Sudanese nationals in Canada today.

Starting April 30, 2023, Sudanese nationals in Canada can request an extension of their stay or modify their status as a visitor, student, or temporary worker at no cost. This encompasses complimentary open work permits, enabling access to the job market and enhanced flexibility for self-sustenance while in Canada. These initiatives will safeguard the Sudanese community already in Canada, maintain family unity, and provide a secure place to reside.

Some permanent residence applicants outside of Canada might not have access to their Sudanese travel documents. As a result, we are also waiving the obligation to possess a passport or travel document for approval of a permanent resident visa to enter Canada. These measures supplement the fee waivers for passports and travel documents for Canadians and permanent residents in Sudan. Additionally, we are prioritizing completed applications for temporary and permanent residence from individuals in Sudan, which are already in our system, for when safe travel is possible.

Canadians in Sudan are encouraged to regularly visit for updates and to register with the Government of Canada’s Registration of Canadians Abroad service to receive direct notifications.

Canadian citizens, permanent residents, and family members wishing to leave Sudan can reach out to Global Affairs Canada’s Emergency Watch and Response Centre:

  • by phone at +1 613-996-8885
  • by text message at +1 613-686-3658
  • via WhatsApp at +1 613-909-8881
  • through Telegram at Canada Emergency Abroad
  • by email at

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